1. What is a Chronic Stress & Burnout Coach?

Chronic stress and burnout affects your mental and physical health, your career, and your family. Basically, your entire life. It is impossible to keep any part of your life isolated and protected. Stress is insidious.

As a Chronic Stress and Burnout Coach, I work with professionals from all walks of life to help them build immunity to chronic stress, avoid burnout, and protect their lives and careeers. I meet people where they're at, help them to uncover where they want to be, and then using my 4-Phase process, I help them to get there. Deliberately designed to address all aspects of mental and physical life and wellness, the process is a guide though not a prescription; everyone is different. Going through the process will take you from a place of overwhelm, frustration and stress, to a place of wellness, health, sustainable success and immunity to stress and burnout.

2. Are coaching and psychotherapy the same thing?

No. Coaching is about the ‘who’ and focuses on the present and future. Coaching is a process that starts with where you are today and gets you to where you want to be. Psychotherapy focuses on the ‘who’ and the past.

3. If I book a complimentary discovery call with you, what can I expect?

During the complimentary discovery call, we will discuss what prompted you to schedule the call and what you want to achieve through coaching. At the outset, some people know what they want to achieve, but many don't. They just know that they are unhappy, stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed and 'something' has to change. This session helps to bring clarity so that you can articulate what you want to get from coaching. It is also a time for you to get to know me and for me to get to know you and I will walk you through the 4-Phase process to get from where you are now to where you want to be. There is no sales pressure and no expectation to continue the coaching relationship. For you, it is a time to explore whether coaching might help you and I promise, you will leave with clarity around what is causing you to feel the way you do.

4. Why are the packages 12 weeks? Why can’t I book a single session?

Coaching is a transformational process that takes you from where you are to where you want to be. And I have developed a 4-Phase process to get you there. Twelve weeks allows the time to get to the core of your challenges and mindset so that we can get you to a healthier mental and physical place.

5. I know you specialize in chronic stress and burnout, but is that the only focus for the coaching process?

No, not at all. The goal is to help you to immunize yourself against the effects of chronic stress and to avoid or recover from burnout by taking an holistic view. As every aspect of your life is affected by chronic stress and burnout, you are mentally and physically completely exposed. Therefore, I spend time working with you on mindset and your physical health and wellness. To protect your mind and body from stress and burnout, I work with you as a whole person to ensure we build solutions that are effective and sustainable. Focusing only on your mind would solve only part of the problem. To build true immunity to stress and burnout, we have to focus on your mind and your body. One without the other simply isn't enough.

6. Is the coaching process the same for everyone?

No. I meet you where you're at and then help you get to where you want to go. And that is never the same for two people. Chronic stress and burnout is a very individual affair. While the physiological mechanisms may be the same for everyone, the psychological and physical manifestations vary from person to person. My coaching practice is designed to identify your - and only your - specific challenges, mental and physical manifestations of chronic stress and burnout, and solutions that work for you. The 4-Phase process is the guide, not the prescription.

7. What is it like to work with you?

Well, I have often been described as being very “no nonsense with a huge dose of compassion.” I would have to agree with that. I will challenge you to dig deep and I will support and encourage you to be honest with yourself. I am practical, down-to-earth, and I will be completely honest with you. I provide a judgement-free, safe place for you to find your feet while we work on getting your life and career on a happier, healthier, sustainable track.

8. Do you coach people in person or just via Skype/on the phone?

Because my coaching practice is global, Skype is the most practical and efficient way to meet with the majority of people. And it is extremely effective. For busy execs who simply don’t have the time to fight traffic to get to their coach's office, Skype is the perfect solution. The time taken for the coaching session is the amount of time scheduled; it is predictable. So while I can have face to face meetings with clients, the majority of them live hundreds and even thousands of miles away and so Skype is the ideal platform.

9. How do I know which program is right for me?

For some people this is very obvious from the start. For others, they’re not 100% certain. The easiest way to find out is:

  • Take the Two-minute Burnout Check-up. Your result will indicate which program will benefit you the most.
  • Book your complimentary discovery call with me and we can discuss it. Whichever program you select, the coaching process will be tailored to your needs and you will get from it exactly what you need.

10. Why should I choose to work with you?

Each person looks for something different in a coach. From personal experience, I can tell you that the most effective coaches are those who have experienced what you’re experiencing and know how to get from where you are now to where you want to be, even when the end goals are different. Why try to figure it out yourself when someone has the experience and clarity of hindsight and the knowledge to guide you? I know how to get through to the other side and I know what it takes to protect your mind and body from stress so that you can live your life, uninterrupted. I’m educated, I have a solid understanding of pathophysiology, and I really like people. And I want to help you. I do not want you to experience what I did and you don't have to. As a senior leader in big corporate, as a personal trainer, and as a mentor for MBA students, I have been coaching people to realize their goals for years, and I love it. It is, and always has been, a passion. You can read my story here.

If you have more questions that are not answered here, please get in touch and I will be more than happy to answer them.

I look forward to working with you!